Tumar Art Group

Tumar Art Group

What is Tumar?

Tumar is a triangular-shaped amulet made of leather or felt, believed to protect the owner and bring blessings. Our dream is that the traditional art created by the ancient nomads lived and prospered. By following our dream we place human energy and love in every product so that it may serve as tumar for everyone.

Tumar Art Group was created by three women who started their first handicrafts with 3 kg of wool and a dream to infuse traditional products in the new forms. The first products, from this wool were successfully sold. Subsequently, the initiative group set the light for the foundation of what is today known as Tumar Art Group.

How many people are behind the company?

As of today, Tumar Art Group employs around 200 staff members.

What exhibitions we participated in?

Since the establishment our products have been exhibited in numerous EXPOs, including Lisbon, Portugal (1998), Hanover, Germany (2000) and Nagoya, Japan (2005), Import Shop Berlin, Germany (since 2001), Du Und Deine Welt in Hamburg, Germany (2006), L'Artigiano in fiera in Milan, Italy (2007), NY NOW in New York, United States (2015), Hands On Design in Milan (2015), Ambiente Messe Frankfurt (since 2015), MosShoes, Moscow, Russia (since 2018), Gallery Shoes Dusseldorf, Germany, (since 2019) and Shanghai Expo, China (since 2018).

How we approach environmental issues?

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